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a woman pointing to 3 small images of YouTube thumbnails with text The Truth About Thumbnails

Your YouTube thumbnail is a little picture that packs a whole LOT of punch. It has to be attention grabbing, scroll stopping and in just a few seconds must convey to the viewer exactly why they should click YOUR video over and above all the rest. So why are some thumbnails so much more effective at getting clicks and views than others?

A PC screen showing Implement these tips with a person pointing to it

Growing a YouTube channel shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. If you’re serious about discovering how to grow your youtube channel fast in twenty twenty two and beyond and you’ve struggled with getting views and subscribers in the past, then you’re in the right place.

two youtube icons, one with a lightening bolt to represent a strike and the other with a smile

Three strikes and you’re out! Copyright claims on youtube, how to not get copyrighted, how to not fall foul of the YouTube Community Guidelines. And in addition to that I’ve got seven best practices every Youtube creator needs to know to keep your channel strike free, avoid demonetization, or worse still, channel termination without warning and we’re starting right now!

how to add chapters to YouTube video

YouTube Timestamp Links and YouTube Chapters. What they are. Why you should use them, and a complete tutorial on how to add chapters to YouTube videos. PLUS 3 crucial points you need to know, to avoid video chapters not working.


How can you get your video content to rank consistently and reliably, using only keyword research and YouTube SEO. In this video, we’re going to look at keyword research for Youtube videos AND how you can get more views and subscribers consistently by implementing YouTube SEO to easily improve your video titles and organic search results

Image of a mobile device held in a hand with a bar chart and YouTube logo on screen and the words Creating Content will never be the same after this

How do you get your videos in front of your ideal audience AND get them to stay engaged and watch throughout? Today I’m going to share 7 YouTube content creation tried and true techniques that will help you get more views, add more value for your audience and create quality content, faster, so keep watching!

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